TMRWLND // Founded in Los Angeles by Dereck Seltzer & Tina St. Claire. 2013.

"Originally, TMRWLND was a love affair, made into a tangible thing, to hold and cherish—a product of the partnership between two Los Angeles artists, madly in love with art and each other. Tina St. Claire, aka TFail, and Dereck Seltzer, aka Haunted Euth, created a series of TMRWLND zines, each one tackling a new aesthetic from the evolving collaborative team, while embellishing each zine as a fine art object as well, each crafted with incredible detail, handmade flourishes, and an inside look at the artistic process.

St. Claire and Seltzer began TMRWLND in their shared studio, crafting each layout, binding, and design details by hand—limiting each run to only 25 copies—even silkscreening each individual cover by hand, to create these precious objects for the world. Maybe this was the new “American Dream,” a legacy of love and artistic expression, bound into a small and valued object, for only a select few who knew where to find it.

Although Tina St. Claire left this world only 31 years in, the legacy she left behind is enormous in size and in impact. St. Claire and Seltzer were finishing the 4th volume of TMRWLND, for release later this year when she passed. On December 25, 2015, St. Claire was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme grade four, a kind of brain cancer that quickly took over her world, and took her life only a few months later.

Like the legends of Diego and Frida, Barry McGee and Margaret Kilgallen, or Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner, The legacy of Tina St. Claire and Dereck Seltzer is this generation’s hope for love, chaos and passion—the new “American Dream” is embodied in their love, and in their creation of their own TMRWLND. "

- Excerpt from the forward of TMRWLND " The Secret Stays Uknown " written by Evan A. Senn.