On December 25, 2015, Tina St. Claire was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme grade four. A particularly virulent form of cancer which attacked her brain, damaging her left frontal lobe and eventually causing catastrophic damage to her CNS and brain stem. On March 9th, 2016 she succumbed to her battle with cancer. She was 31 years old.

Tina's work was to her a way to offer something back to those she never met, but nonetheless still wanted to inspire. If she could do it, so could you. That was her belief, that by giving the best she could to any given situation she could inspire others to do the same.

I believe that a gallery and artist residency program that donates proceeds from it's sale to the treatment and search for possible cures for GlioBlastoma Multiforme, as well as helping families that have been affected by the disease is truly a cause that Tina herself would have supported and wanted to see happen.

I have made it my main priority to not let Tina's death be seen as simply a tragedy, but that instead the story of her life, love and art be a platform to help others in need - I will not rest until I am able to achieve this goal for her.

Dereck Seltzer